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Cassette Tapes Make A Major Impact In 2017 Thanks To An MCU Franchise!

Nostalgia is a funny thing. Everyone seems to have a fondness for the things, especially music, that were “in” when they were younger. For Baby Boomers, they talk very fondly about vinyl albums and 8-tracks. While vinyl has made a significant comeback, the 8-track player is certainly a thing of the past.


For Generation-Y, it was all about the cassette tape before the compact disc was introduced to the world. There was nothing quite like sitting by the stereo with the radio on, waiting to catch your favorite song on the radio so you could press record. Well, it seems that the cassette has made quite the impact in 2017 and we all have Marvel to thank for that!


Guardians of the Galaxy reintroduced the world to the cassette with Peter Quill’s Awesome Mix Vol. 1, the tape his mother made for him was jam-packed with classic songs. In 2017, we got even more cassette music when Quill finally opened up his gift and pulled out Awesome Mix Vol. 2.


Check out Page 2 for stats on Guardians Of The Galaxy‘s impact on the music world!