Captain Marvels From Across The Multiverse Unite In ‘Infinity Countdown’ Comicbook

Brie Larson is gearing up to become Carol Danvers in one of the next huge installments to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Captain Marvel is promising to introduce easily one of the most powerful heroes we have seen yet on screen, and she may just be what the doctor orders when it comes to getting a little revenge for that snap number that Thanos pulled.




In any case, we are getting another look at Carol Danvers in her own special comicbook branch called Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel #1. In this run, the Infinity Stones have been spread out across the universe and are now in the possession of both heroes and villains alike.




This has been sure to keep things very interesting, especially considering that Captain Marvel is the one holding on to the Reality Stone. Apparently, it’s not just her, but also other parallelled Danvers’ across the multiverse who have acquired it as well!




The shared experience creates a direct link of sorts so that the Reality Stone holders can communicate effectively if need be, and it looks pretty awesome!


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