Captain America Frozen ‘Out Of Time’ Once More In Marvel Comics

Captain America is set to become a time-displaced hero once again in Captain America #698. Writer Mark Waid and artist Chris Samnee will bring the narrative of a freshly frozen Sentinel of Liberty to life in the panels of the “Out of Time” storyline, leading into the 700th issue of the Cap comicbook.


In the issue, Steve Rogers is thawed from his icy prison, revealing a distant, decrepit futuristic world around him following the surprising events from Captain America #697. Cap then assembles a new team of Howling Commandos to aid him in his battles against oppressive forces.


“Everybody thought it couldn’t happen again—but it has!” said Marvel SVP and executive editor Tom Brevoort. “Once more, Cap is a man out of time—but the new era he finds himself in is fraught with perils, personal hardships, and challenges, unlike anything the shield-slinger has ever experienced before. The lead-up to our big blow-out #700 issue starts here!”

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