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Looking Back At Some Of The Most Classic Shields Wielded By Captain America!

Black Panther’s Wakanda Disc Shield



This is about as close to the original vibranium disc shield we all know. While it’s still made up of the same material, it’s not quite the same thing. Given to Rogers in Captain America #342 by the Black Panther, this would replace the adamantium shield we discuss below…


Adamantium Disc Shield



Given to Cap by Tony Stark in Captain America #339, this shield would only last a few issues, but it definitely served its purpose after Rogers gave up the Captain America title rather than do the government’s bidding. He refused to bend his knee, but he couldn’t stay away from being a hero so he donned a new suit and was given this shield by Stark.


Energy Shield



We’ve already mentioned this a couple of times, and it’s certainly one of the coolest designs the Captain has had. In Captain America #451, Sharon Carter gives Steve an energy shield made of a flexible plasma that can actually change shape.


The one in the photo above, also given by Sharon Carter, came in Captain America #9 and looks just like his regular disc, except made of energy. While it isn’t able to be thrown, it does give Steve added protection against more high-powered attacks thrown his way.


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