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Celebrity Sightings: Superheroes Aren’t The Only Big Names Found In Marvel Comics

No artistic medium is safe from the celebrity cameo, or the crossover. This has always been a clever way to ensure that fans of comicbooks will check out the latest issue of their favorite superheroes teaming up or duking it out with a famous face. As a result, a large amount of the older collaborations have gained an incredible amount of value due to the celebrities involved and rarity of the issue. This is a list of 15 cameos and crossovers ranging from old to new, and publicly known to the hilariously obscure.

Stephen Colbert Meets Spider-Man

The witty political satirist and his superhero counterpart banded together in Amazing Spider-Man #573.

Rodney Dangerfield Takes Over for Iron Man Onstage

In Iron Man #134, Tony Stark’s past dealings with the Carnelians lands him off the speaker list at the Lions’ Club in New York. Luckily, the club was able to find a replacement in time. Unluckily, Titanium Man crashed the party and gave the guest speaker (Rodney Dangerfield) more than he’d bargained for.

Freddie Prinze Jr. Meets The Hulk

In the Ultimate Universe on Earth-1610, a jealousy-crazed Incredible Hulk finds out that Prinze Jr. is having a posh dinner date with his ex-girlfriend Betty Ross. Naturally, he doesn’t take the news too well.

The Man Of Steel Took On Muhammad Ali

This one-shot comicbook from 1978 pits one of boxing’s greatest champions against the son of Krypton. The fight is over who will have the chance to defend earth from a hostile alien invasion. Ali, being from Earth, challenges Superman to a one-on-one match and wins by technical knockout.

Meeting The Beatles

On Issue #130 of the Marvel comicbook series known as Strange Tales, Johnny Storm, and Thing come face to face with the Fab Four signing autographs for young girls stricken with Beatlemania. This issue came to pass in 1965, thirteen months after their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.

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