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BTS Photos From The ‘Thor’ Films Showing How The Asgardian Magic Happens

The saying “it takes a village” is one that can be used for all artistic projects. That goes double for major motion pictures, especially when you take digital effects into consideration. The process becomes just as extensive during filming as it does after filming. With the movies in the MCU, these villages come together all year long to create the dynamic worlds and all its citizens from Asgard to Knowhere to Sakaar to Earth and everywhere in between. Worlds in the extraterrestrial stories of the Thor series, for instance, look completely different from any other areas in the MCU and that’s thanks to all of the hard work during filming and in post-production.


Here, with the help of our friends at Screenrant, we’ve compiled a gallery of pictures that show just how different things looked before the final cut…



Remember the scene in Avengers where Thor and the Hulk fought it out on the Quinjet barracks? This is where Thor and Hulk really established their relationship of being “friends from work.” Well, as you can imagine, no workout routine could transform Mark Ruffalo into a giant green monster, so it was up to some well-placed green gloves and a talented stuntman to make the closeup shots of the fight look real. After all, Chris Hemsworth grabbing thin air instead of actual Hulk arms just would not have looked as authentic.



No, the wind in Hela’s hair in Thor: Ragnarok wasn’t from the forces of death or any other kind of mystical source, it was actually from giant fans placed just outside of the shot. Lucky for Cate Blanchett, her black wig was on nice and tight, and lucky for Karl Urban in the back, he had no hair for the role of Skurge. This shot also shows us that the majesty of Asgard in the distance behind the Bifrost entrance was fully done in post-production, with nothing for the actors to see during filming besides blue.


Source – All Photos


We can all assume that the Hulk was created in post-production. There’s no costume to make Mark Ruffalo look anything like him, that is, besides the motion capture suit that he is wearing in the photo above. It may be comforting to some to find out that in the scenes in Thor: Ragnarok between Thor and the Hulk, it was actually Mark Ruffalo in a suit with a giant rod above his head so that Chris Hemsworth would remember to look up at the full height of the Hulk. Although the final scene was hilarious, something tells us that seeing the scene like this would have been just as good.


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