Bryce Dallas Howard Talks ‘Jurassic World 3’ Addition And Why ‘Infinity War’ Wasn’t Star-Lord’s Fault

Chris Pratt is one of the biggest movies stars on the planet these days. His charm, humor, and skills as an actor have allowed him to secure leading roles in multiple franchises, and the films he stars in continue to top the box office charts, with Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom being his latest hit. His co-star in the film, Bryce Dallas Howard, is a star in herself and quickly on her way to becoming a household name as well. She’s currently working on the Elton John biopic, Rocketman, and she’ll soon be back on set with Pratt for the third installment of the Jurassic World saga.




With the news being announced that Jurassic World 3 was on the way, Howard has been in the news with some interesting takes on the upcoming film, as well as another enormous movie that you all have probably seen. During a talk with CinemaBlend, Howard was asked: “which actor/character she would bring back if she were given the chance to bring back just one — Malcolm excluded.” She didn’t hesitate when she answered:

“Laura Dern. Duh. She’s like a supernatural being, no matter what, in real life. I think it’d be incredible. I’m certainly not the only person who’d think this.”




Jurassic World wasn’t the only franchise she was asked about during her press run. When she sat down with Comicbook.com, the topic of Chris Pratt’s character Star-Lord was brought up. Due to his reaction on Titan to learning about Gamora’s death in Avengers: Infinity War, many people placed the loss on Peter Quill. Howard disagreed and explained why she didn’t feel like he should shoulder the blame:

“Well, here’s what I thought: I thought that it was a good story, well told. He’s the most human character. He’s half human and that spoke to his humanity in that moment. I think it is important that everyone realize that it was Thanos who did it. It was Thanos!”




We don’t know how many people will actually believe her, but we certainly understand her point. We’ll bring you more Jurassic World 3 news when it becomes available.


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