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Brian Michael Bendis’s Farewell Easter Eggs To Marvel In ‘The Defenders’ #9

After close to two decades of writing for Marvel Comics, Brian Michael Bendis will be transferring over to the DC Universe. Bendis’s run with Daredevil along with collaborative artist Alex Maleev has turned a lot of people on to the story of the “Man Without Fear.” According to Newsarama, the writer has teased a spiritual successor to his Daredevil run by instead focusing on Batman.



However, before his departure from Marvel, Bendis had a couple of Easter eggs that he, artist David Marquez, and colorist Justin Ponsor implemented in the latest issue of The Defenders.


Warning: Spoilers Incoming For The Defenders #9 by Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez, On-Sale Now.




The scene is set at an NYPD station, as Bendis inserts himself into the comicbook, handcuffed and being taken away by two irritated officers resembling Marquez and Ponsor. The speech bubble fills with the words, “A 17-year running gag is not easy to pull off!”


This gag is a several-layered meta callback to Bendis’s writing, as it was customary for every scene in a police station that he scribed to include a mentally unsound individual espousing the writer’s actual thoughts. This dialogue would shamelessly break the fourth wall, and would often refer to an upcoming Marvel event, or one that was only just beginning.

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