Brian Michael Bendis Enlisted To Help Director Tim Miller In Possible Kitty Pryde Film

Fox appears to be moving on with its Marvel properties and possibly creating a Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat) solo film despite the Disney acquisition currently in progress. However, Fox presently has 13 X-Men related films/spin-offs in the works including New Mutants, the upcoming Deadpool 2, and even a Multiple Man movie starring James Franco as Jamie Madrox.




The news came from Collider that Deadpool director Tim Miller signed on to take the reigns of the supposed Kitty Pryde project, but it’s still uncertain if whether Ellen Page will reprise her role as the titular character or the part will be recast entirely.




While Miller will work hard to create a vision for this cinematic story that is true to the character, he’ll be getting some help from a well-known writer within the comicbook industry.

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