Breaking Down All Of The Symbiotes Featured In The Latest ‘Venom’ Trailer

This week, we got a new trailer for Sony’s venture into the world of Venom. The Spider-Man spin-off starring Tom Hardy will give our favorite alien and villainous monster his time in the spotlight. The worries that some fans had over what Venom would look like in his full form have been put to rest since the trailer premiered. Now, speculation turns to who else Venom will be bringing along for the ride in his big screen debut.




It has already been speculated that the red counterpart from the comicbooks, Carnage, may or may not be showing up in the film. If the rumors are indeed true, this appearance will be kept under wraps until the movie premieres. However, just because Carnage is not necessarily in the new film, doesn’t mean some of the other symbiotes won’t be making appearances.


The newest trailer has shown more footage than ever before, and some quick-eyed watchers have spotted glimpses of other creatures that may also get some screen time, or at least a cameo, in the new film.




Between the panel at San Diego Comic-Con and the new trailer, we’ve deduced the presence of a group of other symbiotes that will be joining Venom come October. Here are the other symbiotes we’ve seen so far, and which we can assume are confirmed to appear in Venom.


1. Riot



This symbiote seems to be marketed as the “big baddie” in the latest trailer. While Tom Hardy’s Venom is already quite a sight, Riot is shown in the trailer for a brief moment as a massive, grey being who can embody many hosts at the same time. This will surely be a sight to see in the final cut.


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