‘Bloodshot’ Movie Starring Vin Diesel Officially Moving Full Steam Ahead

It’s finally official, Bloodshot is going to get his own R-rated movie! Sony and Variant Comics teamed up to take on the project with some big help from Dave Wilson, who will be in the director’s chair, and Vin Diesel playing the one man army himself, Bloodshot. This movie will be Wilson’s directorial debut, but not to worry, he’s got a pretty awesome resume as a creative supervisor for Blur Studios, which did the Avengers: Age of Ultron film as well as two Star Wars video games, The Force Unleashed II and Old Republic.




Between Wilson and action movie star Vin Diesel, they couldn’t be any more excited to finally get rolling with the project after so much anticipation built up  when a Bloodshot movie was rumored to be in the works back in 2010. It’s now been officially announced that production is rolling with the first day of filming for Bloodshot taking place earlier this month on the 5th.


Vin Diesel made the announcement personally, via his Instagram account, where he elaborated on his enthusiasm to be portraying Bloodshot in the movie, and what it means to continuously have the ability to create new bodies of work as an actor. Director Dave Wilson even makes a brief appearance to say hello as the team gets geared up for filming day 1 in Africa before sunrise!




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As the whole team moves full steam ahead for their February 21st release date in the year 2020, a lot of work is going to take place. In between then and now is the perfect time to keep your eyes peeled for more Bloodshot news and to get yourself familiarized with characters from the Variant comicbook and upcoming cinematic universe!


Bloodshot is definitely one of the most popular characters ever created by Variant, and it feels right that they would set the tone off of one of their best creative leads. The film is guaranteed to be a bloody tale full of more vengeance than you can sink your nanobots into, so don’t miss out! It’s an exciting new age of comicbook movies that’s for sure.


Get the full scoop on Bloodshot’s intense origin story in the video below!


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