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Blink Meets Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) Of The Future In First Issue Preview Of Exiles

The newest version of the Exiles team will be making their way to Marvel’s comicbook universe to take on threats of any reality. The members have been gathered by The Unseen, who is the original Sgt. Nick Fury, now sequestered on Earth’s moon. The leader, Blink, can create teleportation warps in order to displace people and objects within a massive range.




The character will be joined by Iron Lad, an aged Kamala Khan, a cartoon version of Wolverine named Wolvie, and Valkyrie, designed after actress Tessa Thompson who played the character in Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok.




“Absolutely, one of my inspirations for this book is old school Claremont X-Men,” said writer Saladin Ahmed, who talked of his main influences for the upcoming Exiles comicbook after being asked about them in an earlier interview with CBR. “There are a number of reasons why those stories are so popular and meant so much to so many people, but a lot of them were stories about personal dynamics and people’s personalities. They examined how those things came together and clashed. We also got to watch the characters develop and discover more about them. They seemed to be one way but had this other dimension to them. That all had a tremendous influence on me as a writer, and I think that’s a team book at its best. So that’s absolutely a big part of what’s happening here, amid all the time traveling pyrotechnics,” he continued.




Marvel Comics recently released some preview images of the upcoming first issue of Exiles, placing Blink in a post-apocalyptic world, confronted by other mutants and a future member of her team.

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