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Black Panther Joins The Fight In ‘Marvel Powers United VR’ Game

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be your favorite Marvel superhero or to have powers of your own? Well, if you have, your wishes may have just been granted with the help of the Marvel Powers United VR video game that allows you to virtually become some of the greatest heroes in the comicbook world!




The game was announced last July at D23, with playable characters such as Hulk, Captain Marvel, and Rocket Racoon named initially. Shortly thereafter, Deadpool, Thor, Black Bolt, and Crystal were added to the roster. Now it appears that the King of Wakanda will be making an appearance in the VR game as well!




The Black Panther announcement per Screen Rant reads:

“It’s been a little under a year since we first announced MARVEL Powers United VR —a new co-op VR game from Marvel Games, Sanzaru Games, and Oculus Studios that lets you live out your innermost Super Hero fantasies. So far, we’ve peeled back the curtain on seven of our playable characters: Captain Marvel, The Hulk, Rocket Raccoon, Deadpool, Black Bolt, Crystal, and Thor. Today, we’re excited to reveal that Black Panther is joining the lineup! The game will ship on July 26, you can pre-order yours today for $39.99 USD.”




The announcement continues:

“Wield the powers of the Panther God while playing as T’Challa, king of the secluded African nation of Wakanda. In addition to incredible super-human strength, agility, and endurance, your advanced Vibranium-powered suit will help you protect your home and join your allies when they need help.”


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