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‘Black Panther’: Behind The Scenes Designs And Secrets On Erik Killmonger

In the process of making any film, there will be design choices that will embody the spirit of the work or receive a bit of a tweak from an already fascinating look. Black Panther has been dealing with an incredible amount of success, earning $900 million in the global box office according to Forbes. The cast and main protagonists being revered by critics and audience members to the moon and back.


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However, no one expected Michael B. Jordan’s Erik “Killmonger” Stevens to portray what many consider to be the best antagonistic role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date. To show fans of Black Panther what makes Killmonger such a compelling villain, Marvel’s The Art of Black Panther book reveals the design choices made in order to make him into such an effective character.


Killmonger’s Costume


His mask was worn during a prison breakout scene within the film and was stolen from the British Musem. Originally designed by Rodney Fuentebella, leaning towards more animal-like and demonic features, the final look was developed by Tully Summers in an effort to make the mask “evoke fear.” The outfit for Killmonger reflected a bit of his unique military background, showing off his expertise in guerrilla warfare. His combat gear certainly changed in color tone throughout the design process, but it wasn’t much of a challenge to put some fitting attire on the character.


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