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‘Black Panther’ #172 Rekindles Love Between T’Challa And A Love Thought Lost

Who doesn’t love a good team up when it comes to Marvel characters and comicbooks? It’s really the glue that holds the universe together, allowing beings from such a rich and thriving world to interact with one another in some of the most unexpected ways. What makes that even better is when writers shower a few of Cupid’s arrows into the mix, creating beautiful love interests, marriages, and heartbreaks. The story of Black Panther is no exception.




Keeping up with the after-effects of the highly acclaimed Black Panther movie is writer Ta-Nehisi Coates. He’s done an excellent job with sort of reworking the origin story of T’Challa as the Black Panther, while still keeping many of the important keystones in the character’s life intact. This fresh take on the Wakandan king even sees him crossing paths with a certain weather-wielding goddess from his past.




The official description for Black Panther #172 reads,



  • Klaw and his allies have brought Wakanda to the brink of destruction.
  • To seal the deal, Klaw has summoned a powerful Marvel foe not seen in years.
  • But Black Panther isn’t done fighting yet. He still has a secret weapon: his ex-wife”



This issue also sports a spiffy Venom makeover, courtesy of cover artist Pasqual Ferry for the symbiote’s 30th Anniversary!


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