Benedict Cumberbatch Talks Fan Expectations And Working With Robert Downey Jr.

With Avengers: Infinity War exactly two weeks away, the cast is on the road doing their press tour in promotion for the film. From Robert Downey Jr. to Chris Pratt, Scarlett Johansson to Chris Evans, nobody is immune from the interviews, and while most of them follow the same formulaic structure, occasionally someone shows up with a good question or two.




During a UK Fan event where Marvel Studios was previewing a short part of the film, our heroes from across the pond were in attendance. As Benedict Cumberbatch walked the carpet and answered reporters’ questions prior to the showing. There have been rumors that he’s one of the few actors who has seen the entire film, or at least read the entire script and also that Doctor Strange is playing a very big role in the film.




During the interviews on the carpet, Cumberbatch spoke on what fans can expect…

“This is such a fan-driven enterprise and franchise, FANchise you could call it. That’s a terrible pun, but I think they’re going to be on such a ride with this with so many cliffhangers, with questions unanswered and then answered. It’s a great pull into a massive, sort of chapter, history ending chapter.

It’s really exciting. It’s so frustrating to not be able to sort of say there’s this, there’s that and the other, but you know. Expectations are really high and I hope we meet them, but certainly as a page-turning reader for the first time, I couldn’t believe what they were getting away with…”


He also took some time to discuss Doctor Strange sharing the screen with Iron Man…

“He does some cra crazy cool stuff, and also I think he plays less the petulant adolescent. He’s more the grand op in the room as far as the two goateed egos that meet, as we know from the clip that’s shown tonight, him and Stark share some screen time which is obviously fun. Obviously, those two on screen together is fun. It’s great to have those two in the room. Like the Russos said they really wanted to see that, Kevin [Feige] wanted to see that, and Frankie and me, we wanted to see that…”


And so do we! It seems like all of the actors from the film are just as excited to see the film hit theaters as the fans if the press tour is any indication. As more interesting content from the press tour becomes available, we’ll have it for you. You can check out the full video below…



See you all in theaters on April 27th for Avengers: Infinity War!


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