Awesome Fan Art Fuses Marvel Characters With The Underwater Realm Of DC’s Atlantis

What do you get when you take some of your favorite characters off the pages of a Marvel comicbook with the style of Aquaman and Atlantis? Don’t think too hard, an artist by the name of  Sebastien Minatchy (arkenstellar on Instagram) did all of the creative work to get the job done. He recently posted a bunch of content depicting just that with a handful of familiar heroes from Marvel, and they look absolutely stellar.


We first get a look at Gamora in the post below. She looks dangerous as ever, casually holding a spear behind her back rather than swords.



A scar-faced Captain America is up next. His star is bright and proud on his chest, also clutching a humongous shield that definitely has some sort of medieval vibe going on. What do you think it’s made out of?



Captain Marvel looks quite confident. After all, she’s Earth’s Mightiest Hero. She probably doesn’t even need the trident to take out the bad guys.



This is just the beginning of arkenstellar’s amazing work.


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