Avengers Producer Discusses ‘Infinity War’ Deaths Impacting Future Films

There is no doubt in the world that it was always going to be difficult to put Avengers: Infinity War together. From almost the entire character list from the Marvel Cinematic Universe being involved, to the surprises being pulled off with little to no spoilers, everyone had to be on their game and on their toes. Marvel Studios and everyone involved in the film did a wonderful job pulling it off, but now they have an even harder job to do with Avengers 4.




To be honest, Infinity War may not even hold a candle to how difficult Avengers 4 will be for the simple fact that they set the bar so high. Not only that, with multiple films already announced for Phase 4 involving characters that died in Infinity War, many fans are already assuming that everyone will simply be brought back through one way or another and the MCU will move forward after Avengers 4 as if nothing ever happened. Those fans would be wrong, at least according to producer Trinh Tran. Tran has gone on record and said that the deaths of some of our favorite characters will absolutely have an effect on future films in the MCU.




While Speaking to ComicBook.com, Tran explained how they went about the deaths and how it will impact the future:

“We were meticulous about each of the characters and spent a lot of time discussing how each character’s death would affect future films. The snap’ was always part of our story discussions from go. We all agreed Thanos needed that iconic moment, and definitely used the comics as a reference point. We had Brolin, in mocap, snap his finger on the day. Many other filmmaking aspects went into creating the iconic moment. The build-up to the snap was just as important as the snap itself.”




While, naturally, he didn’t go into real detail, the fact that they plan on making sure the deaths have some sort of impact on the future films is a good thing. Without real stakes, the films lose some of their importance. How and what they’ll surprise us with come May 3rd, 2019 is still to be seen, but we’ll all be at the theater waiting to find out when Avengers 4 opens!


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