‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Scene Shows Parallels With ‘Iron Man’ Scene

You’d think that after Infinity War came to home media that fans would have unpacked each moment of the film and accompanying special features and would have figured out very Easter egg possible by now, right? Well, it’s only been a few weeks, but in fandom time, that is an eternity. Having said that, fans are still steadily uncovering new and interesting details that were previously unknown.


We know that the plot of Infinity War was long foreseen by the gods of the MCU (meaning Kevin Feige, the Russo Brothers and the rest of the creatives at Marvel Studios), but it is still amazing to see just how interconnected the films all are with one another, starting from Iron Man and all culminating with the collaboration of Infinity War.




The connection between Infinity War and the other films is, of course, obvious as the Infinity Stones have been present in the MCU since Captain America first got his powers back in the 1940’s. However, as the time since Infinity War being released increases, it is becoming more apparent how closely related the massive story of the current plane of the MCU is.


Having said that, Reddit user DraftDraw has noticed some visual similarities between two pivotal scenes in Infinity War and Iron Man, respectively. As we know, the villain in the first Iron Man was Tony Stark’s mentor and friend Obadiah Stane. Stane turned on Tony Stark and attempted to kill him before the arc reactor/Iron Man suit and after the arc reactor/Iron Man suit.




He went on to be the villain Ironmonger against Tony Stark’s Iron Man but eventually met his demise thanks to some help from good old Pepper Potts. According to the Reddit sub-thread, one of the preceding scenes between the two adversaries was remarkably similar to a scene in Infinity War between Thanos and Tony. Poor Tony always goes toe to toe with the big baddies!


The scene in which Stane incapacitates Tony, looks over him, and removes his arc reactor as Tony can only watch in horror bares resemblance to the fight on Titan between Tony and Thanos where he does almost the same thing to him (again, poor Tony can’t catch a break!)


Check out the screencaps of the two scenes below:



As with most Easter eggs, it is unknown whether or not this similarity was deliberate or simply an easily employed sequence by the filmmakers. Tony Stark is the most symbolically relevant Avenger to have his powers taken from him before his eyes at the hands of Thanos, but perhaps this scene will foreshadow Tony’s eventual triumph over his adversary even when his arsenal is at it’s lowest, as he did in Iron Man.


Either way, it is a very interesting comparison and a good catch by the attentive fans on Reddit! Avengers: Infinity War is available to watch on home media now.


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