‘Avengers: Infinity War’ And ‘Avengers 4’ Directors Discuss The Challenge Of The Massive Cast

With Avengers: Infinity War less than six weeks away, many Marvel fans are gearing up for a massive MCU crossover and one of the biggest casts in cinematic history. Another first for Hollywood includes the entire film being shot with cameras suitable for the IMAX format.


However, while that is a great accomplishment on its own, the movie’s roster of acting talents ranges around the mid-70s or so. The staggering number of cast members has many asking how the directing Russo Brothers keep up with maintaining the vision of the story itself with so many people working under them.




Recently, the directors sat down with Screen Rant to discuss the high demand of dealing with such an extensive rollcall. Joe and Anthony Russo readily admit that it was a challenge they were ready to take on, despite the number of difficulties that came about both on and off camera.




“It’s a high character count in this scene, it’s not a very complex scene on an action level, but even a scene where you’re just talking becomes massively complex when you have a lot of characters,” Joe said.


“And a lot of movie stars,” added Anthony, with his brother continuing his point.


“Yeah. Because you have to shoot every one of them, they’re all special, they’re all special characters, they’re all important to the story line-,” Anthony interjected, finishing his brother’s statement, saying, “they’re all somebody’s favorite character.”




Joe concurred with Anthony, complimenting the job that the team has done to make the filmmaking process go off without a hitch. “Exactly. Basically, this movie is only achievable with this amazing team that we’ve been working with, now over several movies. We’ve gotten an amazing short hand with one another, we’re tuned into one another very specifically on a creative level. We have a really strong, strong team, we’ve spent many, many months preparing,” he said.

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