Avengers 4 Reshoot Casting Calls Point To Spider-Man And Dora Milaje Scenes

The countdown to Avengers 4 continues, and while we are still a few months out and have gotten no real official info on the second half of the saga, that doesn’t mean that hints and sneak peeks aren’t found here and there. Some very attentive fans are always around to sniff out when any clues become available, even if they aren’t meant as such.


This week Avengers 4 began a series of reshoots in Atlanta, Georgia. This is a bold move by the studio to film new scenes this late in the game, especially on such a post-production-heavy project, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s the team behind the Avengers films.




It is not entirely clear what the nature of the scenes are (whether they are additional scenes or reshoots of old scenes), what moment in time the scenes will take place, and what the context is, but we have learned a little bit about who all will be coming back to the set. This week, for instance, aside from some set photos of Chris Evans and Scarlet Johannson, Jeremy Renner posted on his Instagram to celebrate the grand return of Hawkeye (as reported by TRSL.com HERE).



In correspondence with this, there has been word from the popular casting site that stand-ins are being cast in the Atlanta area for the reshoots this week. The two calls are for very significant characters in the series, but what is most interesting is that neither of the characters have met in the canon of the MCU narrative thus far.


According to Project Casting, there is a casting call for “African American women with shaved heads, who are athletic, ages 20’s and 30’s. Height 5’5 to 5’6.” This undoubtedly means that the shoot is looking for women to play members of the Dora Milaje, the Wakandan defense force of, as it says, athletic African women with shaved heads. The casting could simply mean that they are looking for extras to play misc. Dora soldiers, or perhaps a stand-in for Okoye is needed, as well.




There had been previous fan reports that some of the scenes to be shot this month would take place in Wakanda, so this fuels more fire to that rumor. Although Dora Milaje warriors aren’t landlocked to Wakanda and they can technically be used in scenes anywhere, odds are that the filmmakers won’t pass up a chance to use the rich setting of Wakanda as much as they can. It also would make sense considering the GIANT cliffhanger of Thanos’ finger snap of doom taking place in Wakanda. Until set photos prove anything, all we know for sure is that the reshoots call for at least one Dora Milaje warrior to come back!


This isn’t the only casting call clue that was posted this week, however. The second one, although a little bit less specific, points to our favorite young web-slinger making a miraculous return…


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