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New Fan Art Assembles The Surviving Heroes And Adds Captain Marvel For ‘Avengers 4’ Poster

Knowing Captain Marvel will play a major role in Avengers 4 makes her origin story so important, but the follow up to Infinity War is likely to become one of the biggest films of all-time. We get to see how the Avengers and Co. plan to win the war with Thanos after losing the first battle in grand fashion. Half of the universe is already wiped out, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are beaten and bruised, and we’re all praying for a miracle.




Fans around the world are proving that the anticipation for Avengers 4 is going to grow to an unprecedented level by the time the May 3rd, 2019 opening comes around. We’re all searching for answers to every question we have about what’s to come, we’re waiting for the film’s title, and some of the more talented fans are taking it upon themselves to create artwork centered on the movie. Twitter page @MarvelSpoiler recently shared an Avengers 4 fan-made movie poster, and we thought it was exceptional. So much so, that we wanted to help share it with the world. Check it out below!



As more information comes in, TRSL.com will be here to report on it. For now, we’re all waiting for the next tidbit to drop along with you, but as we wait, at least we get another installment in the MCU with Ant-Man and the Wasp in theaters now!


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