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‘Astonishing X-Men’ #13 Reveals Potential Way For Mutants To Join The MCU

The brand-new era of the Astonishing X-Men has begun with issue #13 driving the storytelling in an interesting direction. The plot begins to hone in on Alex Summers, AKA Havok, who is fresh off his brainwashed and villainous days, now trying to make amends for the harm he’s caused in the past. Unfortunately for him, people can forgive, but it’s definitely hard to forget, which is why he’s out to start an X team of his own and make a difference!




After a bunch of hard lessons learned, Havok makes his way to Harvard where Beast is giving a lecture. The goal is to recruit Beast on his new team and something particularly interesting takes place. The class is having a discussion about the X-Gene which is, in essence, the source of the mutation that gave us mutants in the Marvel Universe. One student named Kelly eludes that the origin of the gene is “bacterial based” which is the first time that’s ever been talked about in the comicbooks.




To some, this little conversation may have flown over their heads, but it may have just given Marvel Studios a way to write mutants into the Marvel Cinematic Universe if there wasn’t already a plan, pending Disney’s purchase of Fox’s Marvel assets which, of course, includes the X-Men and mutants.




The result of the deal going through would give us a much fuller look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe without holes in the storytelling, where astonishing characters could be contributing.


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