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Astonishing August Holidays To Commemorate This Month

Staying cool this summer? We hope so! Just in case it’s still scorching where you live, we’ve provided a robust mix of August holidays below. You can easily partake in several of these festivities indoors sitting next to an AC unit, but some are definitely meant to be celebrated outdoors. (So, please don’t try building a sand castle inside. We don’t want any angry comments from parents about ruined carpets, OK?)


August 2: National Coloring Book Day


Gone are the days when coloring books were deemed only child’s play! (Well, kids are still totally welcome to use them, too.) Over the last few years, society has witnessed an explosion of coloring books aimed at adults featuring intricate designs meant to relieve stress, stimulate creativity, and entertain. While classic, elaborate patterns are still readily available, did you know about all the pop culture related books you can use to flex your artistic muscles on? From Game of Thrones and Star Wars to Harry Potter and, of course, Marvel characters, there’s a ton of black and white superhero and fantasy titles just waiting to be colored in. Get to it!


August 5: Friendship Day


The name Bea Arthur will probably ring a bell for Deadpool fans; she’s the 80s Golden Girl, Dorothy Zbornak, the Merc with a Mouth holds an odd obsession with. We bring this up because The Golden Girls theme song, “Thank You for Being a Friend,” is a perfect fit for this holiday. (Fun fact: There is also a Golden Girls coloring book for you fans out there!) How funny would it be if we saw the likes of Marvel friends like Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark and Rhodey, and Carol Danvers and Jessica Jones crooning this tune together?


August 8: The Day to Create


And what exactly you create is entirely up to you, so get imaginative! Need some ideas? How about: writing a comicbook, producing your own short film, building a baking soda-powered boat, engineering a mini robot, constructing a window plant box, whipping up delectable chocolate chip cookies… Seriously, the sky’s the limit here! What are you going to make today?


August 13: Left Handers Day


According to the almighty Internet, left-handers (this author included) make up only about 10-12% of the world population. Some articles online claim that writing with your left-hand reveals a ton of interesting (read: funny, tragic, and maybe not true) things about a person. For your entertainment, some of these “facts” state that lefties: earn more money, are more likely to think outside the box, die younger, are quicker to get angry, drink more often, get lost less, and are more competitive, among many other things. Here’s a real perk, though: we get special scissors.


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