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Ant-Man Takes On Ultron And The Hulkbuster In This Marvel Funko Short Collab

Rejoice, everyone! There is more than enough cool Marvel happenings going on at the moment to keep even the neediest of “true believers” occupied with sufficient content. The MCU is keeping the hits coming with Infinity War on the horizon, as well as Ant-Man and The Wasp following up right behind it. Awesome news right?!




Well if that isn’t enough to chew through then maybe this will do the trick: Ever hear of a company called Funko? They are responsible for most of the bobblehead and vinyl figures covering virtually every aspect of pop culture. You’ve more than likely seen their big-headed and black-eyed figurines at your local comicbook store, gaming store, or shopping mall. What’s cool is that they’ve teamed up with Marvel for a couple of animated shorts putting characters like Ant-Man, Ultron, and the Iron Man Hulkbuster suit in motion in ways you haven’t seen before.




The animated short on the next page puts Ant-Man in a sticky situation, while hanging out in the lab. But as you know, there’s nothing too small or too big for this hero to tackle!




Enter the Hulkbuster suit, controlled by a certain homicidal humanoid with a hankering for world domination. Uh-oh . . .


Find Out What Happens On The Next Page!