‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ Premiere Reveals How Many Post-Credit Scenes They Include

Since Marvel Studios started its run in 2008 with Iron Man, fans have learned to stick around until the final credits roll. It’s become their tradition to add post-credit scenes to each and every film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and although they didn’t invent the practice, they’ve certainly perfected it over the past 10+ years.



It’s always interesting to see how they’re going to go about it. Most of the scenes give us a tease into the future. For example, Avengers: Infinity War showed us Nick Fury calling for backup before turning to dust from Thanos’ Finger snap. Now we know that Captain Marvel is on the way to help the original Avengers make things right. Speaking of Nick Fury, it was actually Iron Man’s post-credits scene that first brought him into play to talk about the “Avenger Initiative.”


Then there are the times they decide to trick us. At the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, the final post-credit scene brings Captain America back into the picture to tell us there’s nothing left. It’s a great gag to end a fantastic movie.



The question we always find ourselves asking is, “How many extra scenes are we going to get?” There are times when you leave after seeing one or two and you miss more, which was the case with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Director James Gunn included a whopping five end-credit scenes into the mix! Some were for comedic effect, while others foreshadowed the future. Speaking of… Mr. Gunn, are we getting Adam Warlock in Vol. 3?



The next film on the docket is Ant-Man and the Wasp. The film opens on Friday, July 6th and now that the premiere has already happened, we know what we have to wait for. The film is not only garnering some great reviews from the folks who were lucky enough to get the early viewing, but they’ve also said that we get two post-credit scenes after the film concludes. With the movie taking place prior to Infinity War, we’re likely to get some kind of tie-in to Avengers 4 since we already know both Scott Lang and Janet van Dyne are going to be present. What their roles are, we’re not sure, but we may just find out some details during these two post-credit scenes.



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