An Unlikely Cosmic Duo Is Reunited In Marvel’s ‘Infinity Countdown’ Comicbook

Picking up where Infinity Countdown #3 left off, we know that Adam Warlock has his hands full with Ultron and his planet full of crazy clones bent on destroying the universe. Not to mention that Ultron also possesses the soul stone, which means trouble for anyone standing in his way. The Silver Surfer is the only one who can help Warlock, and even with their powers combined they aren’t a match for the villain. This is why the Surfer took off in search for some serious backup, although he may take some convincing…




Yeah, that’s Galactus all right, but he is far from the Destroyer that you may have known him as. Now he is known as the Lifebringer, who brings life back to dead/dying planets. Talk about some serious reform for the once hungering and all-consuming super-villain.




After some serious negotiating off panel, the Silver Surfer is able to convince Galactus the Lifebringer to travel to the planet of Saiph where the battle between Adam Warlock and Ultron is intensifying as every second passes.




Galactus the Lifebringer is no more as his golden helm breaks and his traditional purple outfit emerges revealing the Destroyer of Worlds once again. The massive being is able to consume the planet, destroying all of the shuttles harboring the Ultron clones attempting to exit Saiph’s orbit. But at what cost?

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