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‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #800 Pays Homage To The Iconic Thanos Finger Snap!

Dan Slott’s 10 years with The Amazing Spider-Man comicbook run has been a blast, and after the next issue is released this month, it will mark new beginnings for the Web-Head. But for now, he has his hands quite full with the Red Goblin, a fusion between Norman Osborn and Carnage, a symbiote obsessed with chaos, killing, and destruction. With both entities having their own reasons for hating Spider-Man, they obviously collectively wanted to get revenge on Peter Parker when his secret identity was revealed.




The Amazing Spider-Man #800 has really set the stage for Parker, with virtually the most hateful and indestructible villain he and his friends have ever faced. The Red Goblin also seems to have his sights set on the ones closest to Parker and is willing to go the extra mile to put them through as much pain as possible before taking them out.




Slott does an excellent job with the help of the artists on board with conveying the gravity of this battle, especially when it is revealed that there is an ace up Goblin’s sleeve. Turns out, Osborn had embedded small shards of his symbiote into some of the people that are closest to Peter Parker, including Aunt May, Mary Jane, Silk, Miles, and Clash.




Then with one snap of his evil fingers, he sentences them all to death in true Thanos fashion.


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