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All ‘Hel’ Breaks Loose With Old Enemies And Friends In New Thor Comicbook



The hunt for the weapons lost from Asgards vaults is on . . . well, sort of. Jane Foster has been doing an incredible job both fighting cancer and helping Thor locate all of the most dangerous items scattered amongst the realms (which would make for an interesting take in the MCU had they gone this route), but even for a god, it’s a hard job to take on. Thor #2 picks up with the Thunderer just as he’s been taken on an unexpected side quest to take the fight to the Dark Elf Malekith, as he’s waging war on all of the realms.




Now, thanks to Loki, Thor and a couple of his most trusted allies are right smack in the middle of the fight which brings them to Niffelheim.



It’s here where the two dysfunctional brothers find their way to Baldur the Brave who is now the King of the dead, Skurge The Executioner, Tyr, and Karnilla who are all waging war on a new enemy who’s crossed over to rally the chieftains of Niffelheim and burn everything to the ground.




Sindr is the daughter of Surtr who’s the big firey bad guy you may remember from Thor: Ragnarok. This villain is not playing around.


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