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‘Alien 3’ Behind-The-Scenes: Practical FX Used For Xenomorph Dog

A video from studioADI has recently surfaced featuring some behind-the-scenes footage from David Fincher’s Alien 3. In it, a team attempts to use a mild-mannered whippet to emulate the ferocity of a chest-busting xenomorph to some less than desirable effects.


The suit was custom designed by studioADI for the whippet to wear comfortably to simulate Fincher’s vision of a “Runner Alien” swiftly slipping away moments after its birth. The shot used in the movie wasn’t the least bit horrific, as the lovable little doggy scurried down a hallway at an unintimidating pace.



The Assembly Cut of Alien 3 was released in support of the Alien Quadrilogy in 2003, replacing the practical effects of the “Runner” with CGI. The updated technology made the beast far more threatening as it bursts from a dead ox and begins to accustom itself to the smell of the hunt.

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