Actor Paul Bettany Tells How He Got The Role For Dryden Vos In ‘Solo’

Actor Paul Bettany, who you may recognize from the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the Vision, has officially bridged into the world of Star Wars which is a big deal on many levels. Not only is the franchise grateful to have such a talented actor on board as the villainous gangster Dryden Vos, but Bettany has also been a HUGE fan of Star Wars for as long as he can remember making this team up all the more organic.




Bettany also goes way back with Ron Howard, the director on board for Solo which basically sweetened the deal to the max. The two are good friends and even have each other’s personal numbers which they use to keep in contact often and help one another out when they can.




Bettany explained the addition of Ron Howard after the firing of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller on Solo was “a brilliant piece of producing from Kathy Kennedy.” He went on to say, in the interview with Deadline:

“If there was any resentment, it would be impossible for that resentment to be passed on to Ron. It can empirically be proved that Ron Howard is the nicest person in the world. Not only is he a great director and shot 80% of what you see, he is also literally the perfect person to put in to take over because it’s impossible to dislike him.”




He added:

“You always come on to a film set at different times and in different moments and it felt very normal and the cast was very welcoming. Ron has a very steady hand. You needed that — the ship had been sailing without a captain for a minute. But that can also be overstated. There are lots of people that make movies. It’s not just the director. There are really strong producers on those films and you’ll have a 2nd unit running with a 2nd unit director. I think the whole thing has been less dramatic and traumatic for everyone than it may appear to have been in the press.”


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