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Exploring Nine Abilities And Powers Possessed By Wolverine That Fans Often Overlook

Wolverine is not only one of the most popular Marvel characters when it comes to the comicbooks, movies, and animated series, he is also one of the most powerful. While many casual fans know him strictly for his claws and healing factor, the adamantium warrior is much more than that. Over the years, dedicated fans have learned much about the Canucklehead, but for those who only know about the surface powers, here’s a list of nine lesser-known abilities of Logan.


Wolverine’s Kryptonite


Just about everyone knows about the metal attached to Logan’s skeleton. Adamantium is one of the strongest metals known in the Marvel Universe. Carbonadium, a metal with less durability and strength but more malleable and nearly as indestructible, was created by the USSR as a response to Adamantium. It also holds the power to stop Wolverine’s healing powers and Wade Wilson even used Carbonadium katanas to kill him in Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #3.


He Feels Pain


One major misconception about this clawed warrior is that he doesn’t feel pain, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Fact is, even though he can heal, he not only can feel pain, serious wounds are ingrained into his memory due to this. Luckily for us, this courageous hero is resilient enough to fight through the pain to save the day, over and over again!


Superhuman Strength


We know Logan is not only a skilled warrior on the battlefield, equipped with incredible speed, agility, and strength, but what most people don’t realize is that he wouldn’t even be able to move without his superhuman strength. Because the Adamantium that surrounds his skeleton is so heavy, he needs his power to not only fight off baddies but to also do day-to-day things.


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