A Web-Slinger Without His Sense Of Responsibility Is Tearing Up NY In New Comicbook

The Amazing Spider-Man #4 picks up right where the last issue ended which showed us the bi-product of Peter Parker being too close to one of Doctor Connors’ experiments in his classroom. The effect was Parker being separated from his Spider-Man persona in both mind and body, meaning one with powers and the other without them.




It doesn’t just stop there, however. The Isotope Genome Accelerator used in Dr. Connors’ experiment also has a way of splitting other important components of a being’s identity, like personality, physical attributes, and in this case, one’s sense of responsibility.




Peter’s sense of responsibility has been his “true north” ever since the death of his Uncle Ben. It is something that he has never gotten over, and in many ways, it haunts him and keeps him on the path to do right whenever it is necessary to do so. In this comicbook, we get a look at a Spidey who’s completely forgotten what responsibility is all about and is indulging in the “fun side” of the hero business, regardless of the outcome or damage around him.



Peter, on the other hand, was left with all the sense of responsibility with absolutely none of the radioactive spider abilities. What’s an average NY kid to do at times like these?


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