A Quick Look At Quicksilver’s Character Development For ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’

Fox’s recent X-Men movies have been something that fans of the gang of mutants have either stuck with or haven’t. The studio in conjunction with Marvel has definitely tried to take their own approach to presenting the assets they have in their pocket in a thoughtful and new way, which at the very least has gotten them into 2018 with a few more projects underway.




In X-Men: Days of Future Past and again in Age of Apocalypse, we were introduced to a fan favorite character by the name of Quicksilver, who was able to comedically and awesomely speed his way into the hearts of the audience.




His seemingly carefree attitude and approach to being a hero is kind of what made him relatable and down to Earth in a way that gave the character some really awesome vulnerabilities and strengths.




Evan Peters has been officially announced to return in X-Men: Dark Phoenix as Quicksilver, which is certainly going to carry a much different tone and feel than the other films. This will certainly mix things up for Quicksilver as well.


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