A New Iron Man Statue By Adi Granov Is Getting Revealed At San Diego Comic Con

One thing about San Diego Comic-Con that makes it stand out from the other conventions is that you can always count on there being new and interesting arrivals and announcements, and this year is no exception. Quite possibly, one of the coolest teasers that has been linked to this year’s SDCC is the reveal of a new Iron Man statue. Are you familiar with the Extremis armor?




The armor made its debut back in 2006, just prior to Marvel Studios kicking off the MCU movement with Robert Downey Jr. in the first Iron Man film. The Extremis armor is especially interesting because it allowed a slight alteration to the origin of Tony Stark as a hero, and showed him undergoing immense transformations to both his person and his armor to become more in sync altogether.




The Extremis experiment that Tony intentionally underwent allowed his armor to respond to his thoughts as opposed to his physical movements, severely closing the gap in communication from man to machine. The “Iron Man Extremis Mark II Statue” by Adi Granov, which is set to be fully unveiled at SDCC 2018, is expected to embody that spirit while showing off the stunning suit.




Adi Granov is one of the minds behind the original Extremis armor design and also provided the cover art for Warren Ellis’ Iron Man Extremis Marvel comicbook run back in 2006. The artist is teaming up with Sideshow for the stunning statue and has opened up an RSVP list for pre-order and all upcoming news about the Extremis statue.


Beyond that, there isn’t much news, but it’s definitely important to keep your eye on this one as it’s sure to move fast once the pre-orders and the official launch is out in the world!


Learn more comicbook history about Iron Man’s Extremis armor in the video below!


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