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A Look At Iron Man’s Armor Upgrades Throughout The Years In The MCU

Ten years ago, the plan for Marvel was to jump-start their cinematic universe in hopes that there could be interconnected storytelling on a much grander scale than anything that had been seen before in cinema, especially with superheroes. Robert Downey Jr. starred as Tony Stark in the first Iron Man movie, which was the first important domino piece that has ultimately led to Avengers: Infinity War, the 19th film, with many more still in the works.


In honor of that amazing feat, we are going to take a look at Tony Stark’s growth as Iron Man and the development of his armor over the course of the last decade of Marvel films.


Iron Man/MK 1



In the first Iron Man movie, we got to see Tony put his skills and tech where his mouth was as he developed his first suit of armor, the Mark 1. It didn’t really boast any of the cool gadgets and gear that you would expect from the later models of armor, but it did have some pretty sweet flamethrowers. Later in the movie, Tony went on to develop a couple of other suits as he made some advancements in the designs, including changing the color scheme to the iconic gold and red, as well as perfecting his repulsor tech.


Iron Man 2/MK 5



In Iron Man 2, we get a look at the Mark 5 which shows that he had developed a handful of suits in the time between those two movies. Some of the key upgrades to this suit involve figuring out a more healthy and stable way to power the suit and keep him alive, as well as making the armor more portable when necessary with the carrying case that allowed him to suit up on the fly if need be.


Avengers/MK 7



The Mark 7 made its first appearance in Avengers during the battle of New York. Tony was able to upgrade the weapons a bit and add a stabilizer to the flight capabilities so that he wouldn’t have to always use his hands to fly. The need for the portable armor briefcase was removed and replaced with homing beacons that Tony would wear on his wrists when he needed his suit delivered in a hurry.


Iron Man 3/MK 42



The Mark 42 in Iron Man 3 is visually one of the most different from his other creations. It is much more beige in appearance and shows that he has had a lot more time to tinker away in his lab on the 35 designs since the Avengers film, some of which make an important appearance. We got to see a modular breakdown with his armor in the movie allowing him to wear pieces of the suit at a time when need be, also improving on the homing tech, removing the previous wristbands in exchange for homing beacon injections.


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