A Glimpse Into What Inspired The Writing For ‘Rise Of The Black Panther’

After exiting its third weekend in theatres, the Black Panther movie is receiving so much more love and recognition than originally anticipated. But fear not! If you’ve already seen the film and are still looking for more good Black Panther content to sink your teeth into, then look no further. Wakanda lives on forever through a new creative comicbook series entitled Rise of the Black Panther which made its debut earlier this year.





The short miniseries is staged to have six issues, two of which you can currently get your hands on. Writer Evan Narcisse is taking on the mantle of telling the story alongside his peer, Ta-Nehisi Coates. King T’Challa has taken on a handful of different looks and personalities since his induction into the Marvel universe in 1966. Narcisse’s goal through writing is to bring all of those influences together in a way that feels authentic to the Wakandan King while depicting many angles of how the African society impacted the world after revealing themselves completely.




These are all concepts that Narcisse has been extremely mindful of to get just right. In an interview with Adam Rosenberg of Mashable, the writer talked about the different versions of the Black Panther and how he’d like for them to coexist.


Narcisse said, “Even though I’m writing a prequel, I feel like the Black Panther’s, for lack of a better word, fictional personality has changed every time a different writer has gotten on him. I want readers to … experience [T’Challa] as a cool character who is multi-valent, who can exist in different understandings and different levels. I want them to have some sense of the history, of the published and fictional history of the character.”

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