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Nine Of The Most Powerful Weapons In The Marvel Cinematic Universe!

The Iron Legion



For the sake of this list, and because they’re ever-changing, we decided to leave suits like Iron Man’s and Black Panther’s off, but they would certainly rank pretty high. Instead, we focus on Tony Stark’s Iron Legion, and although he can use them personally, they also work remotely as a controllable weapon or protector.


Judas Bullets



Used from metal from Chitauri equipment, Judas Bullets make the list because anything that can pierce through Luke Cage deserves a spot.


Yaka Arrows



While not the strongest, Yaka arrows may be our favorite on this list. One, because the Centaurian weapon is unlike any other weapon, controlled by the frequencies of a whistle and able to take out armies in seconds. The second reason is that the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise isn’t going to be the same without Yondu around.


There are many other weapons that deserve to be on this list, but we’ll save the web-shooters, vibranium shields, and Godslayers for another time!


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