9 Punisher Memes As Brutal As The Series And Frank Castle Himself

Murder’s My Best Friend

Clearly, this text conversation is after The Punisher’s initial appearance in 1974’s The Amazing Spider-Man #129; otherwise, the dialogue would be far more brutally aimed toward Spidey himself. Leave it to the web-slinger to make an astute and snarky observation based on Frank Castle’s off-putting mannerisms.

Battle-Ready Frank Castle

Frank Castle’s nerves have been toughened up by the horrors of war, making scenes such as this feel like a walk in the park by comparison. His lack of remorse towards criminality and battle-hardened tactics have made his name a subject of fear in the Hell’s Kitchen crime underworld and beyond.

Just A Coincidence?

It’s entirely possible that Sid Phillips from the first Toy Story movie could have been a parody of Frank Castle when Disney questioned: “What was The Punisher like as a child?” The skull emblem on Sid’s t-shirt and his bad attitude towards toys could possibly mirror Frank’s own childhood, but as for right now, this is only a mere coincidence.

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