9 Punisher Memes As Brutal As The Series And Frank Castle Himself

The Punisher isn’t exactly known for his sense of humor, but fans have managed to draw some light-hearted fun out of Frank Castle’s dark and brutal world.

The Netflix series, which follows Frank Castle’s story after the events of Daredevil season 2, has put actor Jon Bernthal in the spotlight after his run as Shane in The Walking Dead. 

Here are nine fan memes to celebrate the return of this hardcore vigilante from Hell’s Kitchen.

Punisher V. Batman. Who Would Win?

Ben Affleck’s face expresses that he’s up for the challenge. This brings up an important “who would win?” scenario regarding these two vigilantes. Would Batman, extensively training in all areas of combat, succumb to the sheer willpower and military might of Frank Castle? Hard to believe, but anything is possible with someone as unpredictable as The Punisher.

Vigilante Philosophy

Batman, while dark and brooding in his own right, will never devalue a life to the point where it needs to be extinguished. Frank Castle has one mission: no survivors. However, both philosophies have inadvertently created their biggest villains. Jigsaw and the Joker are kept alive for different reasons, but Castle’s vengeful sadism and Wayne’s no-kill rule amount to the same result, in each of their respective cases.

The Pun-isher

It’s all the more hilarious when the grizzled Punisher, seemingly bereft of humor, can sneak in a well-timed pun. Despite the goofy line, Castle’s tough-guy exterior makes for a potent delivery.

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