9 Early Ant-Man Super Villains You May Not Have Known Existed

Back in 1959, Hank Pym, AKA Ant-Man, made his first appearance in the Marvel comicbook universe with help of a series called Tales to Astonish. The 27th issue put the scientist and hero on full display for the world to see and eventually moved forward with introducing Janet Van Dyne as The Wasp. The period of iconic comicbooks really helped Marvel pave the way for a lot of their heroes to stretch their legs early on in the studio’s career, and they also brought to the forefront a roster of interesting and quirky supervillains.


In honor of those bad guys who you may not have known existed, check out the list below!





The criminally brilliant Egghead seemed to always be a constant pain for Ant-Man in the comicbooks. Using his mind and ingenuity to empower other villains with inventions of his making would consistently make Egghead a threat not to take lightly, no matter how silly his head looked.


El Toro



Antonio Rojo, AKA El Toro, charges head first into battle making Giant Man and The Wasps’ job a dangerous one. Although he doesn’t have any super powers, he uses the horns on his helmet as a weapon, often times combined with poison to give him a competitive edge.


The Black Knight



Professor Nathan Garret became the Black Knight of legend just like his great ancestor Sir Percy before him. He used his brilliant mind, mystical armor, and sword for evil, which made him an enemy of Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne.


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