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9 Behind-The-Scenes Photos From The ‘Thor’ Films Showing How The Asgardian Magic Was Made


The fight scene on Svartalfheim, the planet of the dark elves from Thor: The Dark World, had both Thor and Loki being thrown around and falling into the sand at one point. Luckily, the actual falling part didn’t hurt the actors, as shown here. Tom Hiddleston may have had a death scene to film on this day, but at least he had harnesses to make sure he kept everything intact. Don’t want to scratch the leather! Or the face.



Some of the funniest scenes in Thor: Ragnarok were the ones with Jeff Goldblum’s flamboyant portrayal of the Grandmaster while our heroes, Thor and Loki, were on his planet, Sakaar. The blue screen in the background of this shot of the Grandmaster speaking to Loki and Valkyrie does not diminish the vibrancy of the planet Sakaar nor the comedic but powerful performance Goldblum gave throughout the movie. In fact, the raised platform he stood on for this scene probably only benefited everyone involved!


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While it is not known for sure if Mark Ruffalo sports these giant green gloves when he shoots every scene as the Hulk, it definitely serves as a testament to the attention to detail that the Marvel props department has. The creation of these replica Hulk hands can only help Ruffalo get into character when it comes time to put on the grey motion capture suit, and it probably also helps everyone else on set visualize the monster when they have a scene with him – like Thor, who was punched by the Hulk many times, and Loki, who was famously thrown into the ground repeatedly in Avengers. Ah, the good old days…


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