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8 Important Things To Know About Carol Danvers Before You See ‘Captain Marvel’

Come March 6th of next year, Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel will make her very first Marvel Cinematic Universe appearance starring in her own solo movie! Not too bad, right? This will also be the first of its kind in another way as this film is the only one thus far with a female hero as the lead coming from Marvel Studios.


This film is highly anticipated and will hopefully help to level the playing field a bit after the events of Infinity War which left many of our favorite heroes in the dust. Captain Marvel may have the abilities to help right some of the wrongs when she appears in the untitled Avengers 4, but first, we’ll need to get a look at her origin story from the past to understand exactly who she is. In honor of that, check out these eight important things below you’ll want to know about Carol Danvers before you see the movie next year!


Carol Danvers In The Air-Force



Before Carol was bestowed with her amazing super abilities she was in the Air-Force for some time. After being a pilot for many years, she was stationed at Cape Canaveral as the Security Chief with jurisdiction over of some top-secret Kree tech. It was there that she a had a chance encounter with a man that would change her life.


Romance With Mar-Vell



Mar-Vell, a Kree warrior and the original Captain Marvel, went undercover as Walter Lawson, a deceased scientist. It was under these circumstances that he was able to learn more about his mission on Earth and develop a budding romantic relationship with Carol.


The Explosion That Changed Carol’s Life



In a twist of fate, Carol gets caught in the crossfire between Mar-Vell and the Kree, being known as Sentry. When a huge explosion goes off, Carol is shielded by Mar-Vell and protected partially from the blast. Her body still soaks up a bunch of the radiation as well as some of her protector’s Kree DNA resulting in her super abilities coming to fruition.


Carol Danvers’ Many Aliases



After all of these wild happenings, Carol ends up taking on a few hero monikers before ever becoming Captain Marvel including Warbird and Binary. Most notably, she was Ms. Marvel during a huge civil rights movement for women in the real world, which became a huge deal when Ms. Marvel was the first woman to have her own comicbook.


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