8 Hard-To-Catch ComicBook Easter Eggs In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Comicbook fans have always maintained a particularly watchful eye when it comes to film. Anyone well-versed in the expansive lore should be able to catch references, no matter how subtle or obscure. It can be genuinely touching when the creative teams that help form the MCU sneak in tiny nods for comicbook veterans to notice. However, there are a few Easter eggs that are so sneaky, they slip through the cracks, going unnoticed. Below are 8 inconspicuous callbacks and references within the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

Thor (Journey Into Mystery)


Director Kenneth Branagh included a small reference to Thor’s initial appearance in the first film of the Thor franchise. The line “Land Of Enchantment…Journey Into Mystery” on the New Mexico tourism board’s billboard is in reference to Journey Into Mystery #83. This comicbook was Marvel’s introductory issue for the Asgardian God of Thunder.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Special Projects)


This scene in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 features Harry Osborn surfing through a list of names that, upon closer inspection, reveals the entire rogue’s gallery of Spidey villains. The names include Otto Octavius, Michael Morbius, and Dr. Curt Conners. During the time that Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man was an active franchise, there was heavy speculation that a Sinister Six origin story was in the works.

Guardians Of The Galaxy (Adam Warlock’s Cocoon)


While Adam Warlock was name-dropped in the second installment of the Guardians Of The Galaxy film franchise, his comicbook origins don’t link him to The Sovereign. Genetically engineered by The Enclave, Warlock is a powerful being with the ability to continuously evolve through the use of his regenerative cocoon. In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.1, the Collector had amassed quite the assortment of goodies in his showroom, including the aforementioned cocoon that is instrumental to Adam Warlock’s story.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Guardian And Vindicator)


During X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Logan is on the run from a gaggle of mutant pursuers until he comes across a gentle elderly couple that decides to take him in. Unfortunately, the couple had perished due to their involvement with mutant conflict. The couple seemed inconsequential to the Marvel universe until the credits revealed their names to be James and Heather Hudson, otherwise known as Guardian and Vindicator, the leaders of Alpha Flight.

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