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8 Facts About Marvel Most Casual Fans Have No Clue About

Ever since Martin Goodman founded the comicbook monolith in 1939, Marvel (initially called Timely Publications and then Atlas Comics in the early 1950s), has become a name known among hardcore and casual fans throughout the years. With so many decades under its belt, it can be easy to let some of the historical events that Marvel Comics has faced slip into obscurity. From a certain King of Pop attempting to acquire ownership of the Marvel brand to superheroes inspired by disabilities, buckle in for eight facts that might have flown under the radar.

1. A Superhero With A Hearing Aid

Christina D’Allesandro emailed Marvel Comics in New York. She was distressed that her hard-of-hearing son Anthony Smith had refused to use his hearing aid claiming that “superheroes don’t wear Blue Ears.” Marvel, as well as Nelson Ribeiro, were touched enough by the sentiment to create a superhero in honor of the 4-year-old Smith, naming him Blue Ear, AKA a scientist named Pedro Perez. Not only that, but after the creation of Blue Ear, Marvel sent D’Allesandro Hawkeye comics from the 1980s when the marksman was suffering from 80% hearing loss and wore hearing aids.


2. Michael Jackson Tried To Buy Marvel In The 1990s

Yes, the King of Pop didn’t just want a piece of Marvel, but the whole pie. This was entirely possible since Michael Jackson had previously acquired the Beatles catalogue in 1984. Unfortunately for the pop music innovator, as the legal battle for ownership proceeded, the price for Marvel nearly exceeded $1 billion. Even though he was known as a shrewd and calculating businessman as much as a talented dancer, this price made Jackson walk away. The main reason for MJ’s interest in Marvel Comics was his desire to play Spider-Man in an upcoming film.