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5 Marvel Characters Who Gained Strength When They Were Adapted To The Screen

Every time a new comicbook character is introduced to the film world everyone asks, “How similar are they going to be to the source material?” It’s a valid question, and for whatever reason the writers, directors, and studios choose, it may not line up exactly how every fan would like it to.


There’s one thing that always holds true when a new adaptation hits the screen: you can’t always please everyone. You have to admit though, the folks behind the scenes do a fine job walking the tightrope, all things considered.


There are times, for the sake of the films, that characters don’t match up strength-wise to their comicbook counterpart. In fact, some blow them out of the water. Let’s take a look at a few of them below.

Black Widow


The film and comicbook versions of Ms.Natasha Romanoff are as close to equal as we’re going to find on this list. The difference isn’t necessarily in her abilities, but rather how she achieved them.

While her physical and tactical skills are there on the page and screen, in the comics she’s outfitted with biotech that enhances her power. If the films upgraded her with biotech, she would end up being much stronger than she is on the page.