15 Fan-Made Reinventions Of Marvel Characters, Changing The Way We See Them!

Nick Fury


The last time we saw Nick Fury on screen, it didn’t end so well for him, but this depiction by artist The Durrrrian was done in celebration for 2012’s Avengers.


Captain America


This post-apocalyptic version of Steve Rogers by Christopher Stevens is a lot darker than we’re used to but awesome nonetheless. It gives us some insight into what he’s gone through defending the universe from evil!


The Punisher


This take on The Punisher by artist Diego Yapur gives us a more realistic look at Frank Castle. It’s really all in the eyes, giving us a glimpse into the darkness that he goes through.




There are so many different takes you can have on Wade Wilson, and many have, but this Mad Max version by artist Mark Brooks is the perfect ending to this gallery. The Merc with a Mouth is here in full glory with destruction behind him!


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