15 Fan-Made Reinventions Of Marvel Characters, Changing The Way We See Them!



Livio Ramondelli takes one of the most powerful villains in the entire Marvel universe and somehow makes him look even stronger, using his powers to turn a broken and battered Sentinal into both a vehicle and a weapon.


Doctor Doom


With all of the talk about a possible Doom solo movie, it’s only right that we include artist Charles Logan’s mystical take on the Fantastic Four’s arch-villain. If you haven’t read up on the news regarding the Doctor Doom film, CLICK HERE




Carnage has always been a character many artists love to put their own spin on. Nuckerbar doesn’t disappoint with this take on Cletus Kasady.


Agent Venom


While most fans are fully aware of the original version of Venom when Eddie Brock becomes one with the symbiote, the version artist suspension99 focused on was the Flash Thompson anti-hero, in full armor.


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