15 Fan-Made Reinventions Of Marvel Characters, Changing The Way We See Them!

Every professional artist starts out as a fan first. So, when we discuss “fan art” it’s a little disingenuous in a sense because almost every artist that creates depictions of our favorite superheroes and villains are fans… Some just get paid to do it. The fact is, some artists out there are as good, if not better than some of the artists who have the pleasure of creating a living with their work.


The beauty of “fan art” is there aren’t any restrictions on what they’re creating. They don’t have a boss, an editor, or a specific tone that they have to follow for their art. It’s free, in a sense, and they’re able to use their imagination any which way they chose. We created this gallery to focus on some pretty incredible depictions of Marvel characters that you may not have seen yet, giving new life to characters you know and love already. Check them out below, all with links to see more of these artist’s work!




Artist ForrestImel takes the God of Mischief, looking his most mischevious, back to his roots in Jotunheim and switches his normal green color scheme to an ice blue. It’s a different look for him, but he still looks as royal as ever!




This piece is actually concept art for 2012’s Avengers from artist Andy Park. The film would be the first time we saw Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which explains the resemblance to his depictions in the films.


Ghost Rider


Ghost Rider has always been one of the more stunning characters from an art standpoint, and artist ramsesmelendeze took a demonic approach to John Blaze.


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