12 Unused Pieces Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Concept Art Changing The Look Of The Show

Translating the world of Game of Thrones into a successful and visually beautiful television show takes a lot of hard work and a strong artistic vision. As with most things of this nature, it all begins in the conceptual stage where some creative ideas are used, and others never see the light of day. When it comes to GoT, there are still so many amazing ideas that are clinging to life in the immortal realm of concept art that would have been amazing to see on screen. In honor of that, here goes a list of 12 unused Game of Thrones concepts that would’ve given the show an entirely new look.


Bundled Cold Hands



Cold Hands almost looks like a hooded Grim Reaper in this one as he wanders north of the wall.


Lizardlike Baby Dragons



This piece shows the baby dragons with a more lizardlike body type. They appear to be much more slender with elongated legs and no wings.


Square Face White Walkers


Somehow the cranium structure assigned to White Walkers in this concept art makes them look much more alienlike and strange.


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